Buff, Polar Bandana, scarf, unisex, Collapse multicolor

Series: Sport
Buff, Polar Bandana, scarf, unisex, Collapse multicolor

Buff, Polar Bandana, scarf, unisex, Collapse multicolor

Series: Sport
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The Polar Bandana from Buff is warm and at the same time very stylish, you will want to be seen with it!

  • Ideal for outdoor activities in winter, such as: skiing and snowboarding.
  • Polar fleece is a soft fabric with excellent thermal properties.
  • The 4-way stretch technology ensures that the fabric is very stretchable, so you have a better fit and more comfort.
  • Thanks to the sun protection you are protected against the UV radiation from the sun.
  • The material is obtained from recycled plastic bottles, this ensures that the bandana is very durable and offers more elasticity than ever before.
  • Sweat and moisture are transported away from the skin through the tissue, providing comfort and helping to keep body temperature stable.
  • The bandana dries very quickly, this provides extra comfort.
  • Made of 97% polyester and 3% elastane.

Buff's new sports collection gathers the power of natural elements and worldly influences to create new lifestyles. Always look ahead, but keep remembering where you come from, this is the key to sport and life. Nature is important to Buff, it is a part of their DNA. Environmental awareness is growing and Buff is convinced that action is needed. The sustainability policy is the key to staying respectful and loyal to the values of Buff and to the value of the planet. This loyalty is reflected in the new products, processes and styles of the sports collection.


  • Fleece lining
  • Moisture management
  • Sun protection


  • 4 way stretch

    A fabric that stretches horizontally and vertically.

  • Elastane

    A synthetic fiber which is different than other synthetic fibers because of its big elastic strech ability

  • Polyester

    Synthetic fibers using polyester have high water, wind and environmental resistance compared to plant-derived fibers

  • Recycled Polyster

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The brand Buff

Whether you want to stand on a mountain, take a brisk walk or run through the city, it does not matter for Buff. Buff's products are especially made for risk seekers. As the brand describes it, follow your "inner compass". Buff is made in Tromso which is a place in Norway where outdoor sports have become a part of the daily life. Buff feels at home here, just like any other place where challenges are waiting. Buff keeps your neck and head warm during your outdoor adventures.

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