Hand and foot warmers

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Hand and foot warmers

Ski Foot Warmers and Ski Hand Warmers

They are useful to all enthusiasts of winter sports: runners, snowboarders, skiers, hikers, and people who generally get cold. Ski foot warmers and ski hand warmers are yet other simple gadgets that can make a difference when the temperatures are low. If you are prone to having cold hands and feet, you should definitely take advantage of specialized warmers. These small and portable packets will easily fit inside a pocket, so there is no difficulty in carrying them around.

Ski boot warmers can be put inside your hiking shoes or snow boots and they will add heat to your feet. As for ski hand warmers, you can carry them inside your gloves or simply hold them with bare hands. At SkiWebShop you will find the most reliable heating pads for your joints. What is more, these amazing accessories can also be useful when you need to dry your shoes or clothes. All the small and handy warmers for hands and feet can become your next favorite wintertime accessories. What we encourage you to do is try it out for yourself. We are sure you are going to love these feet warmers and hands warmers!

Hand and Foot Warmers: the Technology Behind

How do these extraordinary little hand and foot warmers work? They possess a special solution of sodium thiosulfate hidden within the small packets of flexible foil. This non-toxic salt emits mild and radiant heat during its crystallization process. Once you heat the pads, this process takes up to a few hours (5 to 8). Thus, they keep your hands and feet warm throughout the day. The typical temperature of the ski foot warmers and ski hand warmers is between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius. As these heat pads cool down, those microcrystals within go back to their initial form.

The main advantage of all hand and foot warmers is how seamlessly you can benefit from using them. Just put those in warm water for a couple of minutes and the microcrystals will produce heat for many hours. Of course, the main idea is to warm hands, feet, and other parts of our body that are susceptible to freezing. However, you gain more than just comfort and warmth. The generated heat improves local blood circulation, widening the blood vessels.

Take these features into consideration because we feel that feet warmers and hands warmers are a great solution. They can be a wonderful addition to the comfiest ski socks, adding more warmth to your feet. Ski hand warmers will let your fingers operate the right way, allowing the perfect grip and movement. All these amazing advantages for little money. Enjoy the winter to the fullest with SkiWebShop’s heat pads!

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