Accezzi, ski boot dryer, black

Accezzi, ski boot dryer, black

Accezzi, ski boot dryer, black

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Forget about cold and wet ski boots with this handy ski boot dryer from Accezzi.

  • It fits easily in all ski boots, as well as in any other shoes.
  • It is very small and compact, so you can take it everywhere.
  • It warms up to the safe temperature of average 35-45 °C. It reaches the maximal temperature in about an hour.

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The brand Accezzi

Accezzi produces Ski accessories such as Ski boot dryer, Hand warmers, Skitrolley or a Ski lock. Take the hand warmers with you  and your hands will never be cold during skiing or after skiing anymore. Accezzi makes your ski trip even more comfortable.