Thumbnail Alpina, Pizi ski helmet kids matt camo black, green
Thumbnail Alpina, Pizi ski helmet kids matt camo black, green
Thumbnail Alpina, Pizi ski helmet kids matt camo black, green
Thumbnail Alpina, Pizi ski helmet kids matt camo black, green
Alpina, Pizi ski helmet kids matt camo black, green
Alpina, Pizi ski helmet kids matt camo black, green
Alpina, Pizi ski helmet kids matt camo black, green
Alpina, Pizi ski helmet kids matt camo black, green

Pizi ski helmet kids

Color: matt camo

Size information

Use the following method to measure your ski helmet size. Read the number of centimeters to determine the correct size.

Measuring ski helmet size



The size of your ski helmet is not always expressed in centimeters. Use the size charts below for CMP, Head, or Oakley to determine the correct ski helmet size.

CMP ski helmet size chart

Oakley ski helmet size chart

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Fixed ventilation

The Alpina Pizi ski helmet for children is perfect for young skiers who want to stay safe on the slopes while also looking stylish. This helmet features a matt camo green and black design, making it an eye-catching choice for kids.

The Alpina Pizi ski helmet is designed with safety as the top priority. It is made with a hardshell construction, which provides excellent protection against impacts. The helmet is also equipped with an adjustable fit system, allowing it to be customized for a secure and comfortable fit.

Additionally, the Alpina Pizi ski helmet has a soft, removable lining that provides comfort and helps to keep your child's head warm. The lining can be easily removed and washed when needed, ensuring that the helmet stays fresh and hygienic.

This helmet is suitable for children and is available in different sizes to ensure the perfect fit. It also features a ventilation system that allows for optimal airflow and helps to regulate temperature, keeping your child cool and comfortable during active days on the slopes.

The Alpina Pizi ski helmet meets all relevant safety standards and is certified for use on the slopes. It provides the necessary protection for your child's head while skiing, giving you peace of mind.

Overall, the Alpina Pizi ski helmet is a reliable and stylish choice for young skiers. Its durable construction, adjustable fit system, comfortable lining, and ventilation system combine to provide excellent protection and comfort on the slopes.



  • In-mold ski helmet An in-mold ski helmet is the lightest and most comfortable ski helmet. The ski helmet has a simple construction, where the inside (usually EPS) of the helmet is glued directly to the protective thin outer shell. The in-mold ski helmet is suitable on-piste and for the recreational skier.
  • EPS EPS in your ski helmet is compressed foam with small air bubbles. This technology ensures that the force of a possible fall is absorbed.
  • Matt ski helmet The ski helmet is finished with a matte coating.
  • Fixed ventilation The ski helmet has a fixed ventilation that regulates the temperature, so that your head does not get too hot.
  • Ceramic shell The ski helmet has a polycarbonate shell that is resistant to impact and scratches. In addition, the ceramic shell is anti-static and the ski helmet has UV stabilizers.
  • Detachable earpads You can remove the earpads in case you go skiing on warmer days or to wash them.
  • Goggle clip Ski goggles can be attached to the ski helmet, so that you don't easily lose them.
  • Neckwarmer On the back of the ski helmet is extra fleece that keeps the neck warm and comfortable.
  • Removable lining You can take out the inside of the ski helmet for easy washing.
  • Lightweight The ski goggles or ski helmet are lightweight, so you can wear them all day without any problems.
  • Run System Run System is a wheel which enables extra adjustment of the helmet for even better fit.
  • Ergomatic Ergomatic strap buckle can be used with only one hand. It stays closed in case of an accident.
  • Y-clip Y-Clip connects straps under the ear and enables their adjustment for maximum comfort.

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Founded in 1980, Alpina is a leading brand that specializes in producing top-quality ski goggles, ski helmets, and other sport supplies. With a small collection at its inception, the brand has grown significantly over the years to offer an extensive range of products.

Alpina prioritizes ultimate comfort for its customers. Their ski goggles and ski helmets are designed with advanced technologies to ensure a perfect fit for any face or head shape. No matter the weather conditions on the slopes, you can rely on Alpina's products to provide optimal protection and comfort.

At its core, Alpina is dedicated to creating experiences that bring people together through sports. The brand's focus is on enabling individuals to fully enjoy their winter vacations while feeling completely comfortable and safe. Choose Alpina for exceptional quality and superior performance on your next skiing adventure.

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