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Julbo has been in this world since 1888. It is a French brand that focusses on the eyewear industry. The French Jules Baud started his company with only one thought: innovation. Today, Julbo is still inspired by the founding company. Julbo wants to be known in the eyewear industry for its outdoor spirit. Adventure and freedom, that’s what Julbo is all about.

SkiWebShop has Julbo ski goggles and ski helmet in its collection. Find them in the links below!

Julbo technology

From the start, Julbo has been at the forefront of technological innovation. This innovation is therefore at the heart of Julbo’s ski goggles and helmets. Julbo cares about ergonomics, protection, ventilation, and visual performance.

 The ski goggles by Julbo have the latest designs. In addition, Julbo has thought of every possible detail so that you experience the best comfort while skiing. This includes anti-fog, ventilation and a photochromic lens. Every ski goggle has its own qualities so you can definitely find the ski goggles suit you at Julbo!

Everything has also been thought of with the ski helmets by Julbo. Every ski helmet is unique, so there is certainly one that will suit your needs.

In addition to a ski helmet, are you also looking for ski clothes for you or your family? Go to SkiWebShop.nl and buy a cool and comfortable ski helmet by Julbo together with a matching ski suit!

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