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Kama Clothing: Ski Sweaters and Accessories

Winter can be surprising when it comes to weather conditions. Cold temperatures are not something you can easily ignore if you want to stay safe and healthy. That is when Kama comes to the rescue. This amazing brand provides wonderful outdoor clothing and accessories, which you can use throughout the winter. Not only do they keep you warm and cozy, but they also look beautiful! Kama clothing is a great choice for all who want to stay warm even on the coldest of days.

The company was established in 1989 in the Czech Republic by Mahulena Pertlová. She first started to knit hats and beanies to create foundations for one of the biggest Czech knitwear companies. Ever since its beginnings, Kama clothing has been locally made with respect for the highest quality materials. Kama’s products are based mainly on Schoeller’s certified yarn that uses the ecological standard of BLUESIGN®. Nowadays, the company exports its wonderful products directly to over 30 countries around the globe.

SkiWebShop provides the most amazing collections of Kama knitwear. Right now you can browse some of the most exclusive products this Czech brand has to offer:

  • Kama’s ski sweaters for women and men
  • Kama’s knitted fashion gloves
  • Kama’s earmuffs with wind stoppers

Take a look at the beautiful Kama hats and Kama windstopper, as these are some of the most unique products from this company. All in all, high-quality knitwear is a great choice for all looking for additional warmth.

Kama: Fashion & Functionality Combined

Kama is a wonderful company that focuses on the best quality of materials and production techniques. All of the yarn is made out of top-class wool, which provides the most amazing warmth. Soft and comfy wool will always protect you from the cold. Being ecological, the material has great antibacterial properties that work amazingly well for the more demanding consumers.

What makes each sweater so amazing is Kama windstopper, which provides an additional layer of protection. Thanks to that extra material you can wear your Kama clothing even during the warmer days. If you choose a Kama hat to complete your wintertime look, you will not regret it. The highest quality comes to life with all kinds of products that this manufacturer offers.

Kama clothing also uses a special Teflon coating, which makes its products resistant to stains. However, what really makes Kama hats and sweaters amazing is their amazing design. All of this brand’s products look amazingly well and follow the latest trends in global fashion. Thanks to that you can look great out on the slopes, and even while strolling around the city. Choose your style and create it with our Shop the Look feature. Find matching pants and jackets to go along with your brilliant Kama clothing!

The advantages of SkiWebShop

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