Molly Socks

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Molly Socks

Molly Socks

Molly Socks: ski socks that keep you warm

 Maartje Delfsma founded the company Molly Socks. The idea came when she was in search of funny and colorful hiking socks. She did not find that at the time, so she came up with the idea to make it. Delfsma loved to make clothes as early as her childhood. She created clothes for her dolls. She attaches great importance to bamboo textile. That's why the ski socks are made of bamboo. Now she has a wide assortment of hiking socks, ski, and snowboard socks.


Creative ski socks with great features

To keep you warm and avoid odors, the creative ski socks have merino wool. The soft and cozy feeling comes through the bamboo fibers. The socks are also provided with reinforced heels and ankles. Skiing or snowboarding is much more fun with these socks.

Are you interested in colorful and funny ski socks? Then you are exactly right with SkiWebShop. The socks of Molly Socks are the perfect socks for you. Not only do the socks look good, but you will also feel comfortable and warm while you are wearing them. Now choose your favorite color and pattern that suits your ski outfit. Then you are ready for the winter.

Are you still looking for a ski outfit? At SkiWebShop we have the right one for you. So you can put together a great combination directly.


The advantages of SkiWebShop

  • - Delivery throughout the year
  • - Luxurious and technical brands, unique in Germany
  • - Also large sizes are available
  • - Refund warranty


At SkiWebShop you can always get a personal consultation. For example, when choosing the right ski pants or the right size for your ski jacket. Or maybe you are looking for skis that suit you best? For questions and comments, we refer you to our customer service page. Our experienced staff and experts are happy to help.

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