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X-socks - technical ski socks

Warm feet on the slopes?  X-Socks are the answer! Your feet will be free from blisters and bruises. Wearing x-socks feels like walking barefoot, even while wearing shoes. The brand used the natural pumping effect of the moving foot in order to carry hot, humid air away from the shoes and to introduce fresh air inside.

X-socks have various compression zones that protect your skin against high pressure. Moreover, these socks always stay in place in your ski boots.

Innovative, durable and ecological

Can technical clothes for athletes be as innovative, efficient and progressive as cars or airplanes? Having this question in mind Prof. Bodo Lambertz developed the X-Technology. German quality, Swiss precision and Italian fabrics were combined for X-Socks and X-bionic. Most of all, the products of these brands are durable and ecological – every year the companies save 650 tons of paper. X-Socks are conceived and developed in Italy on 100,000 square meters.

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