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Cairn Booster, Ski goggles Children, Orange fluo Bleu Fluo

Cairn Booster, Ski goggles Children, Orange fluo Bleu Fluo

Cairn Booster, Ski goggles Children, Orange fluo Bleu Fluo

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These ski goggles protect the eyes of your little one with its 100% UV protection. An anti-fog coating prevents the lenses from getting foggy, together with the ventilation holes in the glass and frame. The 3-double coloured foam layer inside the frame causes the ski goggles to fit perfectly. The strap-fit system causes an optimum fit with the helmet.

The goggles are suitable for children between 6 and 12 years old.

The Booster goggle from Cairn comes with the following functions:

  • Double spherical lens.
  • Flash mirror lens with high filtration and wide utilisation in all conditions.
  • Anti-fog lens.
  • 100% UV bescherming.
  • Colored hypoallergeic double density foam.
  • Deported strap fit system for perfect fit with helmet.
  • A double density for a greatest comfort and fit on your face.
  • Ventilation at the top of the frame and on the top of the lens to remove any potential moisture.
  • The strap Fix System technology provides a perfect fit with the helmet.


This Booster goggle from Cairn includes a protection coating. It's important to not wipe the goggle dry but let it dry in open air.


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The brand Cairn

Ski helmets, ski gloves, ski googles, sport glasses and protections, the French brand Cairn provides athletes worldwide with a full range collection of ski accessories and equipment. The brand aims to provide adventurers with all they need to enjoy their moments in the nature to the fullest and to exceed achievements. The brand Cairn was founded in 1994, during a Franco-Swiss expedition, emerged from a crossing of expertise and passion for mountains. Cairn stands for quality. With their strict controls throughout the product line and constant development they strive for offering safe products that do not miss out on style.