Combo Deal


Score your new ski outfit now at a great price! Mix and match and receive 15% combo discount. Create fun sets or choose a separate jacket and pants to complete your own outfits.


Use the code: COMBIDEAL


Terms and conditions

  • Use the discount code during checkout to receive the combo deal discount. This offer is an additional discount offer on top of the already displayed price.
  • The discount is valid on all jackets and pants in your basket when you have at least one jacket and one pair of pants in your basket. If you have two jackets and no pants in your basket, the discount code is not valid. The discount is not valid on all other products.
  • With this offer, you can choose from a ski jacket, hardshell ski jacket, softshell ski jacket, down jacket, winter jacket, or winter anorak, and from ski pants, hardshell ski pants, softshell ski pants, BIB ski pants, or ski leggings.
  • The discount is valid on all combinations with at least one jacket and one pair of pants. You do not necessarily have to buy a set from the same brand or in the same color. It is also allowed to make a combination for different people, for example, a women's jacket with children's pants.
  • The discount code is valid until Sunday, May 26th, 23:59.
  • The discount is only valid when using the discount code. It is not possible to apply the discount code retroactively after purchase.
  • Do you want to return some items? Note that the discount remains valid only when you keep at least one jacket and one pair of pants from the order after returning items.


Calculation example 1:

You buy a ski jacket for €120, a softshell jacket for €70, and ski pants for €90. When using the 15% discount code, you will receive a discount of €46.50, leaving €263.50.
If you now only return the softshell jacket, you still have a jacket and pants left in your order, and the discount remains valid. The amount you will receive refunded is €59.50.


Calculation example 2:

Imagine that with the same order as above, you do not return the softshell jacket but the ski pants instead. In that case, there will be two different types of jackets left in your order and no pants. The discount is then no longer valid. The amount you will receive refunded in this situation is €43.50.

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