Craft Be Active Comfort Zip W, baselayer shirt, women, crush - pink

Craft Be Active Comfort Zip W, baselayer shirt, women, crush - pink

Craft Be Active Comfort Zip W, baselayer shirt, women, crush - pink

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Active Comfort is higly functional crossover collection with a casual feel.

The colorful, contemporary design makes these baselayer garments the perfect choice for all kinds of activities, form high-intensity workouts to alpine skiing, trekking and relaxed après-ski. Made of soft materals and featuring a seamless construction, comfort is omnipresent. 

This soft and elastic baselayer jersey keeps you dry, warm and comfortable.


Fabrikantcode: 1904479-1410


To clean and impregnate your ski clothing we recommend washing your clothing with a special cleaner designed to protect and restore the performance of your outdoor clothing.

Avoid using traditional laundry detergent which can damage the insulation and breathability of your ski gear.

Skiwebshop has a range of Nikwax and Holmenkol cleaning products, protective waxes and impregnation sprays, which help you keep your ski wear in good condition. 

Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


The brand Craft

The brand Craft developed a unique chain system for thermal clothing in 1977, called the Craft Principle. The principle consists of three layers, baselayer, midlayer and protection layer and all together ensure the best body micro climate for optimal performance. During extensive training and skiing sessions the body produces sweat which is completely normal and how it should be, if you push your limits. The thermal clothing of Craft ensures that hot and cool air are circulated via the airflow channel construction in their fabrics, to optimize the athletes core body temperature. Craft is originated in Sweden, its strong connection to the outdoors and feel for quality and design are reflected in their collections.

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