Can I make changes to my order or cancel it once confirmed?

Oops! Accidentally ordered an item incorrectly or twice? No worries, it happens, especially when your mind is already in the wintry mountains! Unfortunately, after completing your order, it's no longer possible to cancel or modify it.

At SkiWebShop, we provide fast delivery, so make sure to double-check your order before placing it. If you still want to make a change, you can refuse the package at the door or return it using a return label. Once we receive your return, we will refund the money to your account.

I haven’t received my order confirmation by e-mail.

Hooray! Have you placed an order? Soon you'll receive a confirmation in your inbox.

Haven't received a confirmation? First, check your spam box, sometimes our emails end up there unintentionally. If it's not there, no worries, our customer service is ready as winter sports guides to track down your order.

I can’t place my order or check out on your website.

When experiencing ordering issues, try a different device or browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer). Ensure all mandatory fields are filled in correctly. For Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro, use a credit card only, not a debit card. Clear your cookies and browsing history.

Still encountering problems? Get in touch with our customer service, describe the steps taken, and send a screenshot of the error message. Together, we will find a solution.

I can’t add an item to my shopping cart.

If you're unable to add the desired product to your cart, it might be (temporarily) out of stock. Another customer might have purchased it just as it still appears on the website.

Keep an eye on the product page for the next three weeks; the product might become available again in our online shop. A second chance to place your order!

I have placed my order twice by mistake. What can I do?

Oops! Double order? Unfortunately, cancellation is not possible. No worries, you can return one of the orders within 14 days after receiving them. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service.

Do I need to create an account to place an order?

Setting up an account is optional when shopping at SkiWebShop. Simply complete the mandatory fields during checkout, and you can place your order hassle-free.

Though not mandatory, we highly recommend creating an account for added convenience. With an account, you can effortlessly review your order history and even add multiple addresses for quicker shopping next time!

Can I reserve an item I would like to buy?


Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to reserve products. Especially during the winter months, our in-stock items tend to fly off the shelves!

The good news is that we display only the inventory that we actually have on our website. Sometimes, a specific size might be temporarily out of stock, but no worries, it could become available again if someone returns it. Keep an eye on the page of the desired item for the next two weeks. Additionally, during the winter months, there's a chance that the product might be available for reordering. If you get in touch with our customer service around that time, they can provide you with more information.

Enjoy your favorite winter sports products soon and check our website regularly for updates. Our stock changes quickly during the winter season!


I have placed multiple orders. Can I combine them into one shipment?

In our speedy and automated order processing, combining orders in one shipment is regrettably not feasible.

To ensure a seamless experience, we recommend placing all your desired items in a single order and carefully reviewing it before confirming. Remember, multiple orders will incur separate shipping costs for each one. So, let's optimize your shopping experience and make it as smooth as gliding down a snow-covered slope!

I’m missing an item in my order. What should I do?

Oops! We apologize that your order wasn't complete upon receipt. No worries, we'll fix it!

Please send an email to our customer service with your order number and details about the missing item. Together, we'll make sure everything becomes perfect.

I have received the wrong item or size, what should I do?

Oh, we're truly sorry to learn that your order didn't hit the bullseye upon arrival. Please accept our heartfelt apologies for any inconvenience caused.

If you've received the wrong item or size, fear not, for we have a solution! Return it to us, and we'll swiftly grant you a refund. Then, don't hesitate to place a new order for the correct item.

Though an immediate exchange isn't feasible, rest assured, we're determined to put the desired product in your hands in no time!

Where can I enter my discount code?

If you have received a discount code, you can take advantage of it during the ordering process. Enter the code at checkout, and the discount will be applied immediately.


I have created an account but I can't find my order in my account.

When you create an account while placing an order, please note that the account will be created after the order has been placed. As a result, the placed order won't immediately appear in your account.

Likewise, if you chose to place an order as a 'guest' without logging in, the order won't be visible in your account either.

Regrettably, it's not possible for us to link existing orders to an account retroactively. But don't worry, we'll keep you well-informed throughout the process! Once your order is ready to be sent, we'll send you an email with the tracking code. Should there be any unexpected delays in shipping, we'll promptly notify you by email as well.

Leaving SkiWebShop? You can save your shopping cart for later!