Deluni, 3 paar, ski socks, white

Deluni, 3 paar, ski socks, white

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These technical Deluni ski socks ensure optimal temperature-regulation and maximum wearing comfort. Set of three pairs of socks!

  • ISOLFIL provides optimal heat regulation and keeps the feet dry. This is thanks to the combination of high-tech bland of polypropylene, acrylic, polyamide lycra and merino wool. The fabric remains nice and soft.
  • The ski socks are pre-washed, this means that they have been processed beforehand to prevent shrinking during washing.
  • The multi-elastic support and anatomical design ensure the perfect fit.
  • The ski socks are shock-absorbent at the most critical points and provide protection above the shin.
  • The thickenings at the most critical points provide protection and prevent blisters. The ultra-light lining provides direct shoe contact, allowing you to easily maintain strength and control over your skis.


  • Multielastic fit
  • Flat seams
  • Shock absorption


  • Acryl

    The mechanical characteristics are almost identical to wool and it used for knitting yarns and knitted articles. It is lightweight, dries quickly, doesn´t wrinkle, stain resistant and it is not itchy.

  • Isolfil

    Ensures that the moisture that you exude is not held but dissapears. It takes care for an optimal heatregulation.

  • Lycra

    A synthetic elastane fiber. Mixed with other fibers. It has unique stretching and recovery features. LUCRA-fibers put in comfort, fit, shape retention, durability and freedom of movement. The fiber can be stretched up to seven times its original length before it returns to the original position as soon as the tension has been lifted.

  • Merinowol

    A special kind of sheep which live in colder regions. Clothing made of this material is really soft to touch and it doesnt itch. The structure of these fibers and the knitting technology can keep the wearer warm if only small quantities are used. The air pockets keep the air warm on the body and forms a really effective isolation. Merino neutralizes sweat, eliminates body smell on a natural basis, is dirt-resistant and has selfcleaning characteristics. It also fits for people with allergies and asthma.

  • Polyamide

    Polyamides occur both naturally and artificially. Naturally they occur as wool and silk. Artificially they can be made through nylons, aramids and sodium poly(aspartate). They have a high durability

  • Polypropyleen

    An almost unbreakable plastic. The material is reasonably stiff, has a high temperature resistance and is resistant to chemical solutions, acids and bacterial growth

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Cleaning products

The brand Deluni

Deluni ski clothing is of a good quality. Skipants or ski jackets with a good water column and a good breathability. In addition to the skipants and ski jackets, Deluni also offers ski socks and neckwarmers.

The ski jackets and skipants of Deluni have the most convenient functionalities, so you will be fully able to have fun on the slopes.

In addition to the ski jackets and skipants, Deluni also offers fun ski socks with the craziest prints. This way you can finish up your ski outfit in a joyful way! During the design, not only is thought about the appearance, becaue the ski socks also have good functionalitites, like shock absorption.

And have you seen the Deluni neckwarmers? A nice finishing touch or a nice gift to give away!