Head Supershape i.Magnum, Allround ski's, winter 2016/17, PRX12 bindingen (Ski's)

Head Supershape i. Magnum, Allround skis, winter 2016/17, Freeflex Pro 11 bindings

Head Supershape i. Magnum, Allround skis, winter 2016/17, Freeflex Pro 11 bindings

Ski Skill: Advanced, experts and race

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The Supershape i. Magnum ski is the Magnum Champagne bottle of short and sharp turns. The ski reacts fact and provides extra power in the turns on the slope. The Magnum is the most divers and popular ski within the Supershape collection. The Supershape line from Head is perfectly formed and gives you a complete new ski experience! The Supershape skis are made of Graphene, a super light material. This material provides perfect grip, acceleration and control. This ski is a sportive ski that you could use for multiple activities on the slope.

The KERS-technology provides explosive strength, control and ensures a quick response of the skis and more edge control. The Era 3.0 Technology gives the skis stability, thanks to that you can take the turn smoother.

The skis are delivered with Head PRX12 S bindings. If you like we can mount the skis for you, so you can hit the slopes with the first snow fall. Please make sure you fill out the form we send to you after you successfully have made your order. This way we can mount the skis according your personal needs.

Ski Skill: Advanced, experts and race

This Supershape i. Magnum skis are suited for carving, you can slalom very smoothly all day long. Due to its fast response, it’s a playful ski for the skier with excellent, sophisticated skiing technique. Next to the perfect shape the Supershape is provided with Era 3.0 S. The KERS-technology provides extra power and acceleration in the turns.

The KERS-technology provides extra power and acceleration in the turns.

Extra power and acceleration
The KERS Technology works like a turbo charger that provides additional power and acceleration by stiffening the tail of the ski in outturns. The effect: a boost, catapulting the rider into the next turn. Just like when Formula 1 pilots push a button for that extra notch of speed. Head KERS Technology is an electronic, fully automatic and integrated system. 

Technical background
Head KERS Technology is an evolution of the idea behind HEAD Intelligence Technology. But unlike Intelligence, KERS does not influence the torsional stiffness of the ski, KERS empowers the ski's longitudinal flex. Also KERS Technology is based on a completely new chip capable of accumulating power and keeping it in store for the right moment. Piezoelectric fibers transform kinetic energy into electrical energy which is stored in the embedded chip in the ski. Timing and release are automatically controlled and coordinated. 


The skis are delivered including bindings and incl. mounting.

Temporary including free ski bag, while stock lasts ( ski bag can be different than shown on photo).

Length 150 155 160 165 170
Sidecut radius (m)  9,4  10,0 10,7 11,5 12,2
Nose Width (mm)  120 121  121 122 123
Waist Width (mm)  65  65  66 66 66
Tail Width (mm)  105  106  106 107 108

The brand Head

Taking a look at the brand Head, it turns out that this brand originated out of one man’s vision. After his first ski trip in 1947, Howard Head knew that skis needed improvement and that there was a lot of room for optimization. He wanted to make the skis lighter and faster and to revolutionize the ski experience. Three years later he brought the first example of a Head ski to life. Today Head offers skis for every type of skier. The skis are manufactured based on different technologies that optimize the skis performance for each ski type. That way every ski athlete is able to find a ski that fits the individual needs and expectations. The company has grown internationally but still works based on the same mindset and inspires skiers worldwide to acknowledge limits and find ways to overcome them. Head is the most popular ski equipment manufacturer among professional skiers.

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