Kama, Fashion Beanie, women, navy

Kama, Fashion Beanie, women, navy


This warm beanie comes from Kama's Fashion Beanies serie:

  • Made from 100% Merino wool - antibacterial and antialergic
  • Inside Polycolon band - hydrophobic fiber
  • With Kama label on the front


  • 100% Merino wool

    A special kind of sheep which live in colder regions. Clothing made of this material is really soft to touch and it doesnt itch. The structure of these fibers and the knitting technology can keep the wearer warm if only small quantities are used. The air pockets keep the air warm on the body and forms a really effective isolation. Merino neutralizes sweat, eliminates body smell on a natural basis, is dirt-resistant and has selfcleaning characteristics. It also fits for people with allergies and asthma.


To wash your ski clothes, we recommend using special cleaner that will protect and restore the performance of your outdoor clothing.

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Do not use traditional laundry detergent and please make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Cleaning products

The brand Kama

Behind the Kama brand is a family business founded in 1989. The company designs and produces knitted ski clothing, such as hats and scarves, ski sweaters and ski gloves. Kama works exclusively with wool from Schoeller and fleece from Pontetorto Tecnopile.

The company is environmentally aware and follows strict requirements for sustainable and transparent companies. Since 1996, Kama is also the only company that uses WINDSTOPPER® and Gore-Tex® materials in its knitwear products. The stylish and functional ski wear and accessories by Kama are stylish and functional and are exported to 20 countries worldwide.

In addition, the knitwear was already official outfitter of the Olympic team from Andorra in Sochi, 2014. With the brand Kama you will certainly be noticed.