Kimberfeel, Loris, snow boots, unisex, black

Kimberfeel, Loris, snow boots, unisex, black

Kimberfeel, Loris, snow boots, unisex, black


These warm Loris snow boots from Kimberfeel are suitable for all weather conditions.

  • The lining is provided with warm polyester and Kimbertex membrane. Kimbertex is a water-repellent membrane with a breathable system.
  • Suitable for men and women.
  • Thanks to the laces you can tighten the snow boots as desired.
  • The sole is made of thermoplastic rubber. Because of the good profile under the sole you do not have to be afraid to slip.
  • Equipped with imitation sheepskin, this keeps your feet warm. The top consists of polyurethane.
  • Thanks to the great comfort you can fully enjoy your winter activities.


  • Synthetic fur
  • Fastener closure
  • Water repellent


  • Kimbertex membrane
  • Polyester

    Synthetic fibers using polyester have high water, wind and environmental resistance compared to plant-derived fibers

  • PolyUrethaan

    Polyurethane is a plastic that is abbreviated with PU. Polyurethane consists a hard segment and a soft segment. The combination of the hard and soft segments create a unique combination through which polyurethane can be applied in several ways. Polyurethane is strong, flexible and wear-resistant.

  • Thermoplast-rubber

    Thermoplastic rubbers also named thermoplastic elastomers have the ability to stretch and return to its near original shape.

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The brand Kimberfeel

SALAC was founded as a family business in Haute-Savoie in 1956 and distributes its products under the KIMBERFEEL brand. The brand has been designing shoes and boots for outdoor activities, après-ski and trail for more than 50 years. KIMBERFEEL consists of 2 collections per year. Thus, there are winter and summer shoes of the brand. The company attaches great importance to research and development. Through the inspiration of the mountains, the brand was able to develop in the technical field and design the shoes technically as well as stylishly. If you feel inspired by the mountains, this brand is for you.