KnowHow, Suspenders, Caro, Blue

KnowHow, Bretels, Caro, Blauw (Ski accessoires)


Bend! Dive! Fall! With these suspenders your pants stay where they belong! Snow won't get a chance get inside your pants as the suspenders keep your pants up.

Information videos

How does the 3-layer system work?
What is a hardshell?
What is a softshell?
What is a down jacket?
Buried under an avalanche? RECCO saves your life!

The brand KnowHow

KnowHow France is a French company established in 1986 that is manufacturing and distributing sports accessories for the ski segment. The ski accessories are technical, practical or textile and add a special touch to your ski equipment.

KnowHow delivers its products worldwide. The product range of ski accessories is big and you can find among other things hats and scarves, heat pads, snow grips for shoes, ski protection, ski gifts, ski bags and kids ski mask and kids ski hats. 

With KnowHow ski accessories you are guaranteed to more fun on the slopes. On top of that, you are adding a nice touch to your ski outfit.