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Avalanche Rescue System

With the RECCO avalanche rescue system, avalanche victims can be quickly identified. The system uses advanced radar technology and is passive: no batteries, no maintenance, and no on-and-off button. There are two parts that can be subdivided: the reflector integrated into the clothing, boots and helmet and the search equipment from rescue teams and ski resorts.

  • Using radar technology
  • Check for a list of resorts that use the RECCO rescue system.
Make sure your family is safe during the winter sports and buy the RECCO rescue system today! If you need some skiwear, ski accessories or ski helmets too? Then you can shop it all together in our webshop.

Quickly found after an avalanche

You think it won't happen to you, but accidents happen more often than you think. Avalanches are very scary, but it's a relief to wear the RECCO avalanche system. And nice to know: you don't need batteries, so it will always work. If you're trapped under an avalanche, the rescue team can quickly find you with the rescue system. By using the RECCO avalanche rescue system you don't any risks.

More and more ski resorts are using the system. It is efficient, good and easy to use. The most famous ski resorts in Austria, France, Andorra, Switzerland, and Germany use the system intensively, so it's a big chance your ski resort use it too. 

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