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Heat Packs for everyone!

You're on the right page for heat packs for quick reheating your hands and feet. Because the heat pads work immediately, they are perfect for quick reheating of your hands and feet after or before skiing. And you can use them after the winter sports too, by doing other outdoor activities or at home.

 The SkiWebShop has different heat packs in the product range:

  • Heat packs for hands
  • Heat packs for feet
  • Re-usable heat packs

Your cold hands or feet are in the past!

Cold hands and feet are in the past now with our heat packs. You can use heat packs during and after your ski day. Also at cold times, the heat packs are perfect for walks, bike tours or just on the couch. Most pads have a temperature of around 35 degrees Celsius. In no time your hands and feet are comfortably warm. You're away from annoying features of the winter and can finally enjoy all the good. Imagine yourself, finally you go skiing, but you do not suffer from the disadvantages anymore. With the heat packs, you can fully enjoy your vacation, enjoying the optimal experience on your winter holiday.

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The advantages of SkiWebShop

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  • Plus sizes available
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  • Not good enough, money back.

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