Nikwax, BaseWash, 300 ml, detergent for baselayers

Nikwax, BaseWash, 300 ml, detergent for baselayers

Nikwax, BaseWash, 300 ml, detergent for baselayers

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Nikwax Basewash is a detergent for synthetic base layers and underwear such as thermo clothing. 

  • Nikwax BaseWash removes unpleasant odors and inhibits the build-up of unpleasant odors.
  • The detergent revitalizes the breathability, making your clothes comfortable.
  • Helps to improve the cooling effect of your basic clothing.
  • Nikwax can be used until 5 years the production date if you store it in a dark place at room temperature.

Click here for the manual. Always read the washing instructions.

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The brand Nikwax

Nick Brown, founder of Nikwax, is the brain behind the world leader in the field of impregnating agents. Nikwax is known as a non-softening impregnating wax that serves as the basis for all your outdoor activities. In 1977 the brand was developed and today Nikwax is the brand for the various maintenance products.

Nathalie 2018-09-18 11:55:51 Answered

Hello, I want to wash our ski suits with a product such that they remain waterproof or get waterproof again. What do you recommend? Wash with a normal product and after with a waterproof product? Best regards, Nathalie

Rafał | SkiWebShop 2018-09-18 11:56:08

Dear Natalie, Thank you for your question. We recommend the Nikwax discount package: With this discount package from Nikwax you can wash your water-repellent ski- and outdoor clothing safely and ensure that your ski clothing is re-impregnated. The Nikwax Tech Wash is milder and an ordinary detergent, so the breathable and water-repellent elements of the skiwear remain intact. These elements are lost with normal detergent. So it is best to wash your ski clothing directly with the Nikwax Tech Wash. The TX.DIRECT Wash-in has been developed to provide your skiwear with a new water-repellent layer, so that water will bead off your ski jacket or ski pants. Do you have ski wear that is filled with down? Then go for: - Nikwax Down Wash detergent ( -Nikwax Down Proof impregnation agent ( Best regards, Team SkiWebShop