Tenson, Zaskar, hardshell ski pants, men, Khaki green

Series: Skiwear
Tenson, Zaskar, hardshell ski pants, men, Khaki green
Series: Skiwear
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Information about our photo model:

  • Photo model wears: M/50
  • Photo model's height: 186 cm
  • Photo model's waist circumference: 90 cm
  • Photo model's hips circumference: 92 cm
  • Photo model's inner leg length: 78 cm
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These hardshell ski pants from Tenson are excellent for advanced skiers. With its high back you are well protected against the cold and you can enjoy high breathability due to the technical material used on these pants. Always combo these pants for extra warmth with thermal pants. 

  • Because of the waterproof zippers these pants are very water-repellent, so you do not get wet in the snow.
  • The waist of the pants are adjustable so that these pants have the ideal fit.
  • The high snow catcher is very handy with cold weather but can be easily removed in good weather.
  • The suspenders can also be removed, so you can decide for yourself what you like.
  • The pants have adjustable legs, so you can adjust the pants to your preferences.
  • There are also snow catchers at the bottom of the pipes, so you can keep the snow out of your shoes.
  • With the Recco system, which is located in the trouser leg, you can safely enter the track. 

Water column: 20.000 mmH2O
Breathability: 10.000 gr/m²/24h

With the skiwear collection by Tenson you go down the mountain with great pleasure. Everything comes with a perfect fit which makes you feel comfortable in your thermo clothing, ski jacket or ski pants. This clothing line has a Swedish touch to it, which is also well demonstrated through its high technicality. For both beginners and advanced skiers there is a lot of choice in the range of Tenson's skiwear collection.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Water repellent fabric
  • Windproof
  • 2-layer
  • Removable suspenders
  • Suspenders
  • High back part
  • Edge reinforcement
  • Trouser cuff adjusting
  • Inner gaiters
  • Partial side zippers
  • Belt loop
  • Additional waist adjusting
  • Ventilation
  • Recco system


  • Dermizax

    A ultrathin membrane. The membrane is extremely water- and windresistant and stays soft, flexible and strechable. Sweat is driven off through the intermolecular openings, this ensures excellent breathability.

  • MPC extreme

    The highest grade of MPC. It is extremely waterproof. As well it is a breathing fabric.

  • Polyamide

    Polyamides occur both naturally and artificially. Naturally they occur as wool and silk. Artificially they can be made through nylons, aramids and sodium poly(aspartate). They have a high durability

  • Spandex

    A synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It is stronger and more durable than natural rubber.

  • Stretch

    A synthetic fabric which stretches. Stretch fabrics are either 2-way stretch or 4-way stretch.

Size advice

Usually, we advise choosing your regular size when buying ski wear. It is not necessary to buy one size up, even if you wear more layers underneath.

In order to help you choose the right size, our models tried the products on and we added the size information for each product. If the product size turns out to be “normal”, choose your regular size.

For products that turn out to be “one size bigger”, please choose one size down from your regular size.

Moreover, in our Frequently Asked Questions, you can find the size charts from each brand.


To wash your ski clothes, we recommend using special cleaner that will protect and restore the performance of your ski and outdoor clothing. SkiWebShop offers a wide range of Nikwax and Holmenkol cleaning products, protective waxes and sprays. Do not use traditional laundry detergent and please make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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The brand Tenson

The brand Tenson was founded by Paul Rydholm in a small village in Sweden. At that time the fist product was a bike cap.

In 1960 he started to look into the "Elle" magazine and created a line for swimwear which led to a huge success. The skiwear was founded in 1970 together with the tennis clothing, so he had summer and winter clothes he could bring on the market.

The big breakthrough in skiwear came in 1990. The clothing became known in various European countries. Today Tenson is a worldwide brand loved by customers. Not only ski wear but also outdoor clothing led to today´s success.