Washing detergents

Washing detergents

Washing detergents

Nikwax manufactures high quality cleaning and waterproofing products that increase the life and performance of ski wear, footwear and ski equipment. And you can easily use the Nikwax products in the washing machine, a hand wash or spray. 

SkiWebShop.com has the following Nikwax washing ski gear collection:

  • Nikwax tech wash detergent for water-repellent textiles
  • Nikwax TX direct wash in, impregnation
  • Nikwax for softshell clothing

Nikwax for all your ski wear

You need to wash your ski wear now and then to keep it in good condition. The revitalization of your breathing, waterproof and wind proof membrane is important when it comes to ski clothing. On this way you can ensure that your ski wear will be able to transport moister away perfectly with impregnation material. You can use this material on all your ski wear. Your skiwear must remain water proof, wind proof and breathable to enjoy your winter sports to the fullest. For materials like GoreTex, SympaTex and eVENT we all suggest Nikwax. And it's good for the enviroment and don't demage it. 

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