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Geographical Norway Insulated ski jackets

Ladies ski jackets

Do you want a complete outfit on the slopes, choose an insulated ski-jacket. You do not need extra insulation layers, because the ski-jacket is already insulated. You can always still add different layers like a ski pullover or ladies ‘thermal clothing when you get cold quickly. You can wear our ladies’ ski-jackets throughout the winter. The collection by Skiwebshop offers the following brands of ladies ‘ski-jackets:

The ‘disadvantage’ of an insulated ladies ‘ski-jacket is that you cannot regulate the heat that easily. The insulated ski-jacket is as it is and you can take it off or unzip it when you get too warm, but you cannot make it ‘less warm’. If you would like to be able to play with the warmth of your ski outfit, then it’s best to use different layers. In this video, you will find more information about the 3-layer system.

Ladies ski jackets: The most important features

You actually put two layers on in one, because the ladies ‘ski-jacket already has an insulation layer. You’ll be nice and warm in the shortest time after you’ve put it on. This is ideal for the cold days on the slopes. A ladies ‘ski-jacket is therefore ideal for those who want to head to the slopes as fast as possible.

Do you want to be ready quickly? In addition to the ladies ‘ski-jackets, also have a look at the ladies ‘ski pants on Skiwebshop to complete your outfit. There are many nice sets to combine due to the large offer. You can also have a look at the ‘shop the look’ to have your set complete in one go! The nicest sets of ski-jackets for women and ski pants for women are combined here and introduced to 

The advantages of SkiWebShop

  • All-year delivery

  • Luxurious brands, unique in the Netherlands
  • Plus sizes too
  • Not satisfied, money back
  • Customer service offers professional assistance

You can always reach us for personal advice; for choosing the right ski pants, the right size of your ski-jacket or the right ski’s for example. For questions and/or comments, we refer you to the Customer Service page. Our experienced staff and experts are happy to help you.

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