Washing detergents

Washing detergents

Washing detergents

Nikwax produces high quality cleaning and waterproof products that increase the life and performance of your ski- and outdoor clothes. With the right care and the use of Nikwax, you can improve the functionality of your isolated wear, especially for wet weather conditions. Impregnate your ski wear youself in your washing machine. The Nikwax products are developed water-based and are therefore eco-friendly. IMPORTANT: Never combine these product with fabric softener!

SkiWebShop.com has the following washing ski gear & impregnation Nikwax collection:

Nikwax for all your ski wear

Ski wear has to be washed now and then. When it comes to ski wear the revitalization of your breathing, waterproof and windproof membrane is very important. If you use Nikwax, your skiwear will transport moister perfectly.

The detergent Nikwax cleans your ski jacket/pants in a gentle way. You can also wash other clothes with this mild cleaning agent.

The impregnating agent is supposed to make your ski wear waterproof and breathable again. We offer Nikwax TV Direkt Wash-In, which is ideal especially for Gore-Tex ®, SympaTex ® and eVENT ® materials.

The impregnation of softshell clothing has another composition and gives the softshell-jackets and ski pants the special properties back.

You can just wash your ski wear in your washing machine and hang the wet clothes up to dry.

Nikwax also takes care of the environment. The products are bio-degradable and do not contain any persistent organic harmful substances. Additionally, this product is not tested on animals, compared to other products.

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