This is the video-page of SkiWebShop. Here you can find all the videos we've made specially for you. There are multiple categories where you can find useful videos that can help you with your preparation for your winter sports. We have the following videos:

  • Instruction videos: In these videos we tell you how to use certain products.
  • Function videos: In this category you can get more information about terms like hardshell and softshell.
  • Service videos: Videos about the webshop and how to work with the different elements on it.
  • Tips & Tricks videos: Useful information that you can use before you're going to your winter sports location.

Use the 'Go to' menu to jump to the different categories. Do you want to see even more videos? Check out our YouTube channel!

Instruction videos

Tuning your skis: Sole length What are the rules on the slopes?
What can I fit in my ski bag before going to our winter sports location?

Function videos

What does 'watercolumn' mean? (Subtitled) What does 'breathability' mean? (Subtitled)

Service videos

How to return your parcel Costs of returning your product (Subtitled)

Tips & Tricks videos

How do I hold my ski poles? Why do you need ski poles?
Are my ski poles the correct length? How do I put the baskets on my skis?
SkiWebShop goes Outdoor