Thumbnail X-socks, Ski Control 4.0 ski socks unisex Anthracite / Grey grey
X-socks, Ski Control 4.0 ski socks unisex Anthracite / Grey grey

Ski Control 4.0 ski socks unisex

Color: Anthracite / Grey

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The X-socks Ski Control 4.0 ski socks are an essential accessory for any skier, providing exceptional comfort and performance on the slopes.

These unisex ski socks feature a pre-shaped design, offering a perfect fit for both the left and right foot. This ensures maximum support and prevents discomfort during extended periods of wear. The multi elastic fit guarantees that these socks stay securely in place throughout your skiing adventures.

The shock absorption technology incorporated into these ski socks is a game-changer. It effectively reduces pressure points to minimize fatigue and provides cushioning where you need it most - making every daring descent as comfortable as possible.

Made from high-quality materials such as elastane, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, acrylic, and polyamide; these socks offer excellent durability and flexibility. The use of elastane in their construction allows them to adapt perfectly to your foot shape without feeling restrictive or uncomfortable.

In addition to their superior comfort features, these X-socks also provide compression benefits promoting blood circulation while reducing muscle vibrations - this results in improved performance while reducing the risk of injury on the slopes.

Whether you are tackling challenging terrains or mastering slick slopes at speed; the X-socks Ski Control 4.0 will ensure your feet stay warm, supported by advanced moisture-wicking technologies which keep your feet dry all day long.


  • Compression Compression ski socks provide good support for the calves and foot muscles as well as good blood flow.
  • Multi elastic fit The elastic structure ensures a perfect fit and wearing comfort.
  • Ski socks with shock absorption Ski socks provide additional padding to absorb shocks and to increase warmth for your feet.
  • Pre-shaped right and left sock The socks are adapted to suit the shape of the right and left foot, which provides a high degree of comfort and performance.


  • Acrylic

    The mechanical characteristics are almost identical to wool and it used for knitting yarns and knitted articles. It is lightweight, dries quickly, doesn´t wrinkle, stain resistant and it is not itchy.

  • Polyester Synthetic fibers using polyester have high water, wind and environmental resistance compared to plant-derived fibers.
  • Nylon Nylon is a synthetic fiber of polyamide. It makes the clothing smoother and more elastic.
  • Elastane

    A synthetic fiber which is different than other synthetic fibers because of its big elastic strech ability.

  • Polyamide Polyamides occur both naturally and artificially. Naturally they occur as wool and silk. Artificially they can be made through nylons, aramids and sodium poly(aspartate). They have a high durability.
  • Polypropyleen An almost unbreakable plastic. The material is reasonably stiff, has a high temperature resistance and is resistant to chemical solutions, acids and bacterial growth.

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X-SOCKS is a leading brand that offers innovative and technologically advanced ski socks designed to provide complete protection and optimal comfort for winter sports enthusiasts. With a strong commitment to sustainability and ecological practices, X-SOCKS saves an impressive 650 tons of paper every year.

Conceived and developed in Italy on a sprawling 100,000 square meter facility, X-SOCKS utilizes cutting-edge technologies to ensure the feet, calves, and toes are optimally protected during intense skiing sessions. One standout feature is the intelligent ventilation system that maintains a dry and warm foot climate even after hours on the slopes.

What sets X-SOCKS apart is their forward-thinking approach to design. They continuously push boundaries by exploring new techniques that enable athletes to perform at their best. Unlike traditional socks that trap excess heat causing perspiration and discomfort, X-SOCKS absorb moisture while creating a moist yet warm environment. This prevents skin from becoming overly moist or soft - reducing the likelihood of painful blisters. Break free from this vicious cycle with X-Socks!

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