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Helly Hansen Ski Jacket & Much More!

Helly Hansen is a Scandinavian brand created more than 140 years ago. Ever since this outdoor clothing producer has been designing and exploring new inventions for professional winter enjoyers. They aim to provide people working and living in the world's most challenging environments with the best ski wear. Every detail and piece of clothing bears witness to their experiences. In the most extreme weather conditions, Helly Hansen ski clothing keeps you dry, secure, and warm.

If it is real protection against the cold you are looking for, try a Helly Hansen ski jacket. They come in many confident colors and models to satisfy each person’s desires. Each Helly Hansen jacket has been designed for better outdoor performance even in the harshest winter conditions. High-quality materials provide the most satisfying level of safety while keeping you warm and ready for action. If you feel like you need another layer to get more warmth, choose a Helly Hansen fleece pullover. This brand also brings out the best thermal underwear that perfectly fits your body.

Protect Yourself Against the Most Extreme Conditions

Helly Hansen ski clothing is used by professionals not only in the mountains. Also, people who work at sea appreciate the endless advantages Helly Hansen outdoor wear provides. This company’s products work very well in all places where security and privacy are important. The brand itself was created by Helly Juell Hensen, a Norwegian captain. He decided to find a safer way to shelter his workers from the cold Norwegian weather conditions.

It was back in 1877, where people turned to exploring the unknown regions of Earth and overcoming all boundaries. By adding linseed oil to cotton clothing, Hansen created his first waterproof clothing. Ultimately, this is where the foundation for today’s most satisfying protective gear was laid. The innovations have progressed to the point that you can now buy ski apparel that is both protective and safe.

In addition to these qualities, the product range consists of refreshing and sporty appearances. If you are looking for a pair of high-quality ski pants to go with a matching ski jacket, SkiWebShop has got you covered. Check out our Helly Hansen outlet products to take advantage of discount prices!

Are you looking for the best outdoor clothing to protect you from the most demanding weather conditions? If you are, this brand is a perfect choice. It is safe to say they put the emphasis on seamless protection against the cold, the wind, and the rain. Take a look at what product categories SkiWebShop has got to offer:

  • Helly Hansen ski jacket – women and men
  • Helly Hansen ski pants – women and men
  • Thermal wear for women

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