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Hoxy Heads - fun for kids!

Do you think that your kid’s helmet looks boring? Would you like to make it look more interesting and unique? It's not a problem with cute Hoxy Heads’ helmet covers! Your kids can wear them over their conventional helmets. Hoxy Heads’ helmet covers are available in various colours, designs and figures. Not every kid likes ski helmets, but with Hoxy Heads wearing a helmet will be fun. Hoxy Heads’ helmet covers are available in different animal shapes, like a pelican, shark or bear.

Hoxy Heads’ ski helmet covers are made from soft materials and what is more, you can easily fasten them to the helmets. There is also a gap to fasten your goggles. 

Why should I buy Hoxy Heads' helmet cover?

There are different reasons why you should choose Hoxy Heads’ helmet cover. This is our top 8:

  • Cheerful designs.
  • Your old helmet looks like new.
  • A boring helmet becomes fun.
  • Suitable even for the youngest kids, because the materials contain no dangerous substances.
  • Big choice for everyone.
  • Your kid will be unique and recognizable.
  • Fits on almost every conventional ski helmet.
  • Made of soft materials. The inside is made from cotton, the outside from plush/polyester.


Hoxy Heads helmet covers at SkiWebShop!

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