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Poederbaas beanies

Poederbaas beanies keep you warm through the cold days. Whether on a beautiful winter walk or on the slopes, you can always wear this beanie in cold weather. And thanks to the different colors, you will certainly find your favorite hat in the great selection. You definitely want to be seen with this beanie this winter. 

But Poederbaas is not only fun for yourself or your partner, but your child will also love these beanies! Or have you thought about giving a Poederbaas beanie as a gift? Everyone enjoys Poederbaas!

So you and your whole family can enjoy the winter.

Match the beanie with your ski clothes! SkiWebShop will help you. A nice ski-jacket or cool ski sweater with a matching beanie will prepare you for the après-ski! 

Nice and dry with Poederbaas 

Poederbaas was founded in 2010. The brand started with a passion for freeride skiing and snowboarding. Selling knitted hats and headbands to skiers on the mountain has become a company that sells various accessories and clothing. Poederbaas believes in quality, whereby the customers feel special, happy and confident. 

How do you wear the Poederbaas beanie?

Of course, Poederbaas wants you to look great! To ensure that you look great, Poederbaas asks you to pay attention to the way you wear your beanie. The Poederbaas logo is on the (left) side of your head, this way the suture of the knit is at the back of your head. 


The beanies by Poederbaas are mainly made of long acrylic fibers that are strong, non-fluffy and soft. the fabric repels water and wind and is highly resistant to UV radiation, the beanie also dries quickly. The Poederbaas beanie retains heat even better than wool and it also doesn't itch! 

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