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Nixwax – Maintain Your Ski Gear the Right Way!

Even the most reliable ski gear needs the right maintenance. Do it the proper way with an outstanding variety of maintenance products from Nikwax. Cleaning your outdoor clothing has never been easier. Now you can try it out yourself with the most trustworthy Nikwax tech wash. Put your faith in some of the world’s top-class ski gear maintenance products. At SkiWebShop you will find the essential items for cleaning and better upkeep of your skiwear.

Nikwax was founded by Nick Brown, who used to spend a lot of time hiking around Scotland in his teens and early 20’s. He was constantly displeased with the poor waterproofness of the outdoor clothes available in the 1970s. He created a unique recipe for what was called Nick’s wax and soon turned to name his brand Nikwax. The company started to think pro-ecological in the matter of a few years. Creating the most resistant and reliable wax mixtures, the brand has grown to become an international success.

Nikwax tech wash products are still highly regarded among many outdoor enthusiasts. The brand creates some of the finest emollient impregnation waxes, which are a true must-have. Some of the most popular and highly regarded products include:

  • Nikwax TX Direct – impregnation for outdoor clothes
  • Nikwax Down Wash – detergent for down-filled skiwear and outwear
  • Nikwax Direct Spray – impregnation for skiwear and outwear

Easy Cleaning and Proper Maintenance with Nikwax

All of Nikwax spray and wash-in products are incredibly easy to use. You can take advantage of the many astounding properties of these wax products in no time. Clean and impregnate your skiwear and outdoor clothing effortlessly thanks to Nikwax line of waxes.

What makes this manufacturer’s impregnations and detergents so amazing are their practical and technical features. The main properties include water resilience and repellence. Using waxes for your ski gear revitalizes the breathability abilities of the materials. Moreover, your outdoor clothes stay clean for a longer period.

With Nikwax Tech Wash you can clean your skiwear while improving its quality, too. This product revitalizes the breathability and water-repellent properties of all materials. Add a Nikwax impregnator to improve the quality of the outdoor clothes for longer.

Needless to say, Nikwax spray and downwash products are safe to use. These waxes are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Made based on water, they provide great comfort of use and are easy to use.

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